Mental Magic Hypnosis - Jim Kellner, Hypnotist

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I want you to live your best life and I want to help you to do that. Whether it's through some of my funny apparel and other products or my tools for transformation my hope is that you will be healthier, happier, and more satisfied in your life. And remember: Your Success Is My Success™

Jim is the best!! I love his keto hypnotism. He's helped me lose 40 pounds so far, and I am so close to my goal weight. His philosophy on positive affirmations is very uplifting.
Derek Mulley
Weight Loss with Keto
In just a short time of listening to Jim's hypnosis recordings, I have been able to stick to my fasting routine (easily!!) and unexpectedly gotten the best sleep I have had since I can remember!! I am also feeling happier and much more motivated!! I have done a LOT of different modalities and Jim's hypnosis is extremely powerful, easy and enjoyable!!!
Elysia Hartzell
Happier, More Motivated, and Better Sleep.
I've been battling insomnia forever. I took some advice and got one of Jim's downloads for relaxation. I can honestly tell you I had the most AMAZING night's sleep in a long time. I can't wait to try out Happiness and Success next!!!
Jaime Guierro
Amazing Sleep!
Jim is amazing!! I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and needed to change my eating habits permanently to help keep my cancer from coming back(no sugars and very low carb). I used to say it would take the threat of death to get me to eat healthy and once I got cancer, I STILL had major issues eating healthy, so...I joined his Keto group. Jim's hypnosis has saved my life!! From my very first session I was eating healthy, feeling better about myself and researching anything and everything about healthy eating and cancer. Now that I have been in his program for about 6 weeks, I have not cheated on my diet at all and have lost 23 pounds!! I even started exercising! I truly believe I couldn't have done this without Jim's help. On top of his amazing Hypnotist abilities, he's a really sweet and funny guy. He truly cares about you and your success. I'm so excited about my future and love being able to eat healthy without struggle. Thank you, Jim!!!!!!
SK H-Brickell
Lost 23 Pounds and Started Exercising!

I discovered just how powerful hypnosis was when I used it to lose over 70 Lbs and to completely remake my life. I then decided that I needed to go out and help others create the change that they wanted.

Along the way i somehow started saying to myself, 'Damn I'm Pretty™'. I found that my low self esteem started to rise quickly. I eventually started encouraging my clients to say it and they experienced a shift as well. 

Now I create the products to offer something fun and helpful to remind us all that we are 'pretty'.